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Young Heart Yogis is a special experience for children to connect to their bodies and minds in a fun, interactive way.  Each class is designed to incorporate breathing techniques, yoga postures, partner poses, and games in a child friendly environment.  During our yoga practice together, the children will be learning about and practicing traits such as courage, strength, perseverance, concentration, trust and an “I can” attitude to improve their self-confidence.  By including these traits, we will be celebrating each child’s abilities and building life-long skills for success. The “Namaste” at the end of each of our yoga classes will empower each child to portray kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions in their daily lives.  As your children participate in Young Heart Yogis, it is our hope they will leave with a clear mind and a full heart. We look forward to having you join us for one of our classes or events!

"Ms. Crystal is kind, thoughtful, and warm-hearted.  She taught me how to be calm and focused during yoga.  I loved how different my mindset was after each class with her.”  ~Allison, age 8

"I loved yoga with Ms. Crystal.  It was fun to do with all my friends and Ms Crystal is always so nice.  I want to do it again! " ~Morgan, age 10

"My daughter really enjoyed doing yoga with Young Hearts Yogis. It helped her to center herself before the day started and she loved learning the different positions.  Crystal Winter is a fantastic instructor and really relates well to the kids.  We will absolutely be attending the next session!" ~Nikki

"Thank you so much for offering your yoga class again.  We had so much fun.  I just wanted to say that we really appreciate that you allow younger kiddos to participate.  Every "family yoga" class we've tried, we've been turned away because our child is too little.  I know it's more challenging to include those lil' preschoolers in your classes, but we sure do appreciate it!!  Not only is our child learning some new moves, he's also getting more comfortable with other grown-ups.  This has been a challenge for him in the past but now he asks, "Where is Ms. Crystal?" He loves all the activities and even his dad is learning some new yoga language." ~ Rebecca

Enjoy some pictures of our yogis in action:

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Take a peek at this yoga wordle. It was created with words that children used to describe our yoga time together.

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