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Preschool Story Time Yoga

Preschool Story Time Video 1: I Went Walking

It's time to get our little yogis involved with yoga.  Please join your child for a shorter yoga session with a story read by Ms. Crystal and yoga poses that match the animals in this darling story!

Children's Yoga Library

Video 7:  Our theme is celebrating Spring!  We'll tell the story of the seed by using our bodies through a series of yoga poses.  Incorporating "Garden" as our partner pose goes perfectly with our theme. 

Video 5:  Yoga is a balancing act so come join the fun!


Video 6: Go with the Flow!  Connecting poses

together in a flow is good for our bodies and

brains along with being fun! 

Video 3:  Practice a variety of strength poses, be

creative with our Yogi Bender game, and have fun

doing Double Downward Dog with a partner.

Video 4:  Come TWIST with me during yoga and have fun being creative in our game called, "I Challenge You."

Video 1:  Explore the joys of relaxation, breathing, movement, games and fun with Young Heart Yogis at home!

Video 2:  Join in the yoga fun with animal poses, Garden as our partner pose and two special guests to Young Heart Yogis!

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