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Due to current circumstances, I am unable to provide yoga classes in person so I've created videos and I'm offering Zoom classes for your child to participate in yoga.  My heart is with all of the children and parents adjusting to time at home.  If you would like to make a donation to help my new business continue to thrive, please click on the button below.  If you are unable to do so at this time, I truly understand and would still love for your child to participate. 

*Thank you for your support!

NEW!  Preschool Story Time Yoga

Preschool Story Time Video 1: I Went Walking

It's time to get our little yogis involved with yoga.  Please join your child for a shorter yoga session with a story read by Ms. Crystal and yoga poses that match the animals in this darling story!

Children's Yoga Library

Video 7:  Our theme is celebrating Spring!  We'll tell the story of the seed by using our bodies through a series of yoga poses.  Incorporating "Garden" as our partner pose goes perfectly with our theme. 

Video 5:  Yoga is a balancing act so come join the fun!


Video 3:  Practice a variety of strength poses, be

creative with our Yogi Bender game, and have fun

doing Double Downward Dog with a partner.

Video 1:  Explore the joys of relaxation, breathing, movement, games and fun with Young Heart Yogis at home!

Video 6: Go with the Flow!  Connecting poses

together in a flow is good for our bodies and

brains along with being fun! 

Video 4:  Come TWIST with me during yoga and have fun being creative in our game called, "I Challenge You."

Video 2:  Join in the yoga fun with animal poses, Garden as our partner pose and two special guests to Young Heart Yogis!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.